Farm Land Data API

Geospatial analytics API for any parcel in the Continental US.

At Farm, we love data.

We use data to inform our investment strategies, make business decisions, and build software for identifying land.We are now sharing our geospatial data process and enabling others to access our go-to data endpoints.

Upload a GEOJSON or WKT of the polygon boundaries for a property or area of interest and receive a suite of geospatial data analytics with an easy to use JSON and tabular data designed to help inform decisions around that polygon.

What information can you get with this API?

Soil Data

Get a soil map and various data attributes for each soil type. Data for this comes from the the NRCS.

Historical Weather

Get monthly historical precipitation, average min and max temperature, Palmer Severity Drought Index values for every month from 1980.


Get access to tabular data of elevation and slope of the polygon in the form of a histogram and the min and max values.

Monthly NDTI

Get the Average Monthly Normalized Difference Tillage Index (NDTI) to understand biomass residue cover during the grazing season.

Cropland Data Layer

Get the land cover types according the the USDA Cropland Data Layer for each year from 2008 to 2021. There are 150 distinct cover types.

Forage Productivity

Get the annual forage productivity of the polygon from 1986 to 2021. Above ground biomass is reported in lbs/acre/year.

Drainage Tiling

Get the percent of the polygon that is predicted to have implemented tile draining. This can be used as a proxy for high value cropland.

Nearby Roads

This endpoint will allow you to quickly see the roads that are within 100m of the polygon boundary.

Underlying Aquifers

Returns a geojson of intersecting aquifers with the parcel of interest.

Want to learn more?

See our API documentation page for more information. If you are interested in gaining access to this feature, please reach out to us at

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